96 Editions - Ross Millard is a musician and artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Buy his artwork at 96 Editions.

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Artist Ross Millard

Ross Millard

Ross Millard is an artist and musician based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. As a visual artist, Ross specialises in hand-pulled screen printing, most often using the CMYK four-colour process. His style is collage-oriented, where he uses a combination of found images and self-taken shots that are scanned, manipulated and re-arranged to fit within an entirely new context. The prints are interpretative pieces that combine seemingly disparate images to create a cohesive comment or narrative on a subject.

As a musician, Ross has worked for over 13 years as a songwriter and performer in The Futureheads. With The Futureheads, he has released five studio albums including a UK certified gold status record, a UK top ten single and two UK top 20 albums. He is also the Artistic Director of Split Festival, an annual music and arts festival based in his hometown of Sunderland, UK. [2014]

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Ups and Downs


Ross Millard

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