96 Editions - 96 Editions is giclée print editions house and pop-up art gallery running from a HQ in Newcastle upon Tyne. We support emerging and established artists around the world, producing archival standard print editions of their work and providing a platform to promote and sell online.

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96 Editions

about us

We're a giclée print editions house and pop up art gallery, founded by a group of designers/artists/art lovers in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Utilising our expertise and experience in the design & print industry, we manage every step of production, sale, and delivery of the finest quality archival standard pigment ink artwork editions for our favourite artists. With immaculate attention to detail and quality from beginning to end.

For more information on the technical merits of our editions, please see the FAQ.

our objective

To work with artists that we love. To produce flawless limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. To provide a platform to promote, sell and deliver their artwork to a global audience and to manage all of the associated processes - leaving the artist free to spend their time doing what they do best.

And to throw awesome parties along the way, where we exhibit and celebrate amazing creativity and meet likeminded people.

While we aim to work with artists worldwide, as advocates of the creativity of the North East of England we're very passionate about promoting local artists and including them in each series that we release.

something unique

Whenever possible we'll be producing collaborative remixes of artists work as special editions. There are a few reasons for doing this;

  • It allows us to form a closer working relationship with artists that we love.
  • It allows us to release works of art that are completely unique. Offering a different perspective or challenging the perception of the recognised style or signature of an artist.

We hope in time that the 96 Editions REMIX will help us to stand out as a gallery, and attract artists to work with us. Providing an opportunity and challenge for them to do something outside of their comfort zone.


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